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A Bit of Daly City History

sunset view of daly city

Because of its location at the neck of the San Francisco peninsula, stretching from the Pacific to the bay, Daly City has long been nicknamed "the Gateway to the Peninsula."

Alpine Inn Suites sits in the center of this gateway, near San Bruno Mountain and State Park. Our official address is in Daly City—a distinct municipality in San Mateo County with its own interesting history.

The Native Americans who foraged and hunted around San Bruno Mountain lived a peaceful life, well supplied by the bounty of the bay and plentiful game in the hills. They were eventually forced to give up their lands to Spanish invaders for cattle grazing.

Eventually, Daly City was settled by Irish immigrants who opened numerous pig and dairy farms as well as drinking saloons and gambling establishments. Daly City is named after John D. Daly, one of these original settlers and owner of the San Mateo Dairy.